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This replica edition of the Daily Express, brought to you by Resources for Teaching, is from the September 4th 1939 includes articles on: Britain Decalres War. -- Winston is back. -- Fleet Begins the blockade. -- Hitler goes to the Polish front. -- Australia and New Zealand have declared war too. -- Canadians are rushing to enlist. -- Warsaw crowd cry 'Long Live England'. -- Big Ben broke the hour - 11am - and it was war. -- Britain and France seek assurance from Mussolini. -- Broadcast to Germany - Have you forgotten the last war? -- We must make are minds up: All our lives are going to change. -- Arsenal are top again. -- How Britain heard she was at war. -- Petrol rationing begins Sept. 16th. -- Sport is off, cinemas and schools are closed. -- and more. -- Please note this is a replica newspaper