Officers Died in the Great War 1914-19

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Army and RFC Officers' Roll of Honour as known in 1919. Facsimile reprint of a book first published in 1919

This publication is arranged in two parts: Part I The Old and New Armies, Part II The Territorial Force. RFC officers, both Regular and Territorial, are included in Part I, but not RAF, which came into existence on 1st April 1918. In Part I the names are tabulated alphabetically by regiments/corps, in some cases (but by no means all) the battalion is also given but there is no information as to the theatre of war or country where death occurred – simply name, rank and date of death, with any decorations. The exception to this are those who died as prisoners of war when that fact is noted with their other details. At the beginning of Part I is a list of senior commanders and staff officers such as Maj-Gen Capper (GOC7th Division) and Brig-Gen J.Gough VC (CoS First Army); these are in order of seniority and in some cases their appointment is given. This list of some 50 odd names is by no means exhaustive, others, promoted to command or staff during the war, are shown with their regiments, for example Brig-Gen Noel Lee (GOC 127th Brigade) is shown under his old battalion, 6th Manchesters (TF). In Part II the names are arranged by battalions within regiments by ranks, but again there is no information as to place of death, except for PoW, as in Part I. Apart from British army the lists include West India Regiment, KAR, West African Regiment and West African Frontier Force; the VAD are there as well as the Nursing services. The final list is of Hospital Ships, Troop Transports and Mail Steamers connected with these rolls which have been sunk or disabled by enemy action – 49 ships in all.