Another Life- Lawrence after Arabia

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T.E. Lawrence found global recognition for his leadership of the Arab Revolt during World War I, preparing the ground for the final Allied offensive in 1918. He was hailed as a hero, but little is known about this mysterious and charismatic man after those events. Here is Lawrence’s life after Arabia, his service in the RAF and the Tank Corps as a mere ranker, and how he became an expert in the technology of the new RAF. The book examines the work he did for the 1929 Schneider Trophy Race, the development of the new RAF 200 seaplane tender, and the development of its armour plated offspring, the Armoured Target Boat. It also investigates his literary endeavours and his tragically early death, a sad end to a Renaissance man of all talents, an academic, a talented engineer and a soldier sans pareil.

T.E. was offered exalted diplomatic positions by Churchill, implored by Nancy Astor to re-enter the fray as the Nazi threat grew, socialised with the Cliveden set, argued with the Archbishop of Canterbury. He made lasting friendships with humble squaddies. His self-loathing was expressed physically.

Consulting primary sources and also having interviewed some of those who knew Lawrence after Arabia the author portrays the last years of one of the most astonishing figures of the 20th century